Fresh perspectives on agriculture

PANAM SEMENCES  Fresh perspectives on agriculture.

An independent French seed company working with the conventional and organic sectors

An independent French seed company working with the conventional and organic sectors. PANAM FRANCE breeds and markets a wide range of maize and sunflower varieties. We work to adapt species essential to human development to European climates and agricultural practices.

Discover the oil-rich RH OPTIMUM range 

A breakthrough innovation in nutrition. Panam offers breeders genetic combinations in oil-rich maize and dent maize. Energy and reliability.

Oil RIch Maize

Learn about our plant cover seeds

Luxurial, our diploid oat in pure form or varietal blend.

Seeds of FRENCH origin

Our network of local producers enables us to offer seeds of French origin.

We made the decision to prioritise an equitable production chain based on fair remuneration for our seed multiplication farmers close to our Haute-Garonne factory. In this way, we are playing a part in maintaining within France a seed sector of superior quality, renowned the world over. (network photo)

We believe in the development of crop alternatives.

Oil-Rich (RH) maize

We breed and market oil-rich varieties of maize to support breeders in their quest for food self-sufficiency and economic gains. Find more information on our mini site www.maï

Oil RIch Line


Chia is known for being highly beneficial to human health. We worked for many years to adapt this species, to make it cultivable in our latitudes, and the ORURO variety has now been available in France since 2017. We cooperate actively with the Chia de France network to promote high-quality, local production chains.

Towards sustainable agriculture 

Panam supports initiatives for sustainable development in agriculture.

In 2000, we translated and distributed in France the first volume of “The Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture” by Carlos Crovetto Lamarca. Volume II was translated in 2008. These agronomic bestsellers have guided many farmers towards a more nature-friendly system of production. The Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture volumes I and II

Carlos Crovetto

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