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Anthocyanin Maize

We have meticulously bred two varieties of anthocyanin maize which are now available to food producers who are conscientious about the quality of their raw materials.

Anthocyanin Maize, which originates from the high plateaus of Peru, is known today as an important new nutrient source for its high content of phenolic and anthocyanin compounds (the main pigment is cyanidine-3-b-glucoside (C3G)).
Anthocyanin Maize has a high antioxidant capacity, higher than blueberries.
Antioxidants are known to inhibit bad cholesterol, prevent the development of colon cancer, promote tissue regeneration, stimulate blood circulation, and regulate blood pressure.

Conventional maize contains 1160 mg/ kg of total Polyphenols, while Anthocyanin Maize contains more than double this amount: 2462 mg/ kg

Conventional maize contains 40 mg/ kg of total Anthocyanins, while Anthocyanin Maize contains 10 times more: 459 mg/ kg.

Our range also includes a variety of early maturing white Sumatra maize

We also offer a range of special maizes for anaerobic digestion. Further technical information can be found in the brochure below. 

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