PANAM markets the only two hybrids alfalfa available in Europe Hybriforce: dormance 4 and 6

PANAM innovates on the alfalfa market by registering the first two hybrid varieties available in Europe.

Available since 2000 on the United States, the hybrid alfalfa demonstrates, the same heterosis grain that the other species. In addition, it is one of the best preceding crop allowing an economy of hundred units of nitrogen on the following culture.


The variety Hybriforce 420 (dormance 4) and Hybriforce 600 (dormance 6) accumulates all the advantages of hybrids and state-of-the-art genetics:

. Better behavior in every type of soils.

. Yield, sharpness of stalks and greater numbers of leaves.

. Important Vigour at the emergence and during the regrowths.

. Better persistence during the third and the forth year

. Cold tolerance, in the drought, the resistance to the main diseases.


The alfalfa hybrid: a real innovation 100 % natural to produce more and better


Variety Main benefits Technical data file
 HYBRIFORCE 420 - Dormance 4

Persistence during 5 years

Sharpness of stalks

High protein content

icone pdf
 HYBRIFORCE 600 - Dormance 6   icone pdf
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