Diploid oat

LUXURIAL is an inter culture cover crop very economic which sows from 25 kg by hectar. The oat gender includes 25 species.

LUXURIAL belong to Avena Strigosa Schreb which is the only diploïde oat.

Avena Strigosa is the green fertilizer most used in Latin America; it is a plant which improves the medical state of the ground. Its fast development and its allelopathic effect contribute to reduce the presence of weed.

Avena Strigosa has an important nematicide effect, particularly in conditions of direct seeding.

For this reason Avena Strigosa is regarded as bio pesticide.

It is recommended to collect it during its milky stage, this way; it doen’t allow the seeds to reach their physiological maturity, what could be regrowths in the following culture.

LUXURIAL, sometimes wrongly called " Brazilian oat ", is recognized for its efficiency in inter culture cover crop.



Varieties Sowing time Main benefits Technical data file

end of august to

the end of november

important allelopathic effect,

nematicide effect,

economic cover crop from 25kg/Ha

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