French-Chilean seed company, private and independent, leader on the South American market, Panam has an independent and very successful research.

Propose and develop in France and in Europe the innovative concepts widely used in the South American agriculture.

Thinking about their interest and about their integration in our current and future agricultural context.

Several concepts seem to propose simple and profitable applicable alternatives in our agricultural practices : our method of traditional selection is mainly based on a perfect control of the generations accelerated by the " counter season ".

Implanted in France since 1998, Panam markets seeds of corn, sunflower, soya and inter-cultures.

Beyond markets said conventional, Panam has a range for specific markets with a high added value (sunflower for confectionary and birds, high oil content corn, semoulery corn…).

These varieties are developed for the french and western Europe markets but their high qualities and adaptabilities allows to propose them in more distant geographical zones.


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