Stubble Over the Soil (french edition)

The Vital Role of Plant Residue in Soil Management to Improve Soil Quality



  TODAY French agriculture is presently in an economic and technical dead end, and the society accuses it of having lost its heart. NOW is the time to invent a new form of agriculture.

THIS HANDBOOK - intended for farmers, technicians, and agronomy students, creates an increasing awareness of the  importance and need for producing differently - the author exposes  the results which he has obtained after thirty years of practice and  study of the direct seeding.


  THIS INFORMATION is essential to all those who want to take that first step; they relate to :

- improvement of the soil structure

- the storage of atmospheric CO2 by increasing it in the organic matter of the ground

- the end of erosion

- the development of poorer soil

- the reduction of manure usage and water requirements

- the reduction of work time per hectare of machineries and the usage of power

- performance improvements



The author, Carlos CROVETTO LAMARCA (photo above), is one of the best South American specialists in direct seeding. He has improved this technique thanks to thirty years of gound exploitation in Chequén (Chile), where it obtained spectacular results.Since 1977, he is the founder president of the Conservation of the Grounds in Chile.

Since 1977, he is the founder president of the Conservation of the Grounds in Chile.

Author of multiple technical articles, he has received for his work many distinctions of which the price “Honor Award and Fellow Award” " was granted to him by the Soil and Water Conservation Society (the United States)..

He constantly intervenes in conferences on durable agriculture in America and Spain.

This book has been available in the United States since 1996 and in Spain since 1999.


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