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PANAM, human values serving agriculture

We are a company on a human scale, keen to bring our vision to the world of agriculture, and more broadly to every one of us: our vision of an agriculture in harmony with current and future economic, environmental and societal issues.

Our quest for innovation, which sometimes runs counter to trends in our sector of activity, has always been guided by the wish to improve the profitability of French farms while meeting consumers’ legitimate expectations in respect of health and environmental issues.

Our breeding work goes far beyond simply seeking to increase yields. By investing in programmes such as oil-rich or anthocyanin-rich maize, chia and diploid oats, we hope to offer genuine alternatives that are suited to our times.

This work represents a long-term investment, and is only possible because we are financially independent.


Sustainable agriculture

We made the decision to reduce our environmental impact by using the NOX STORAGE process to store our seeds.  This environmentally responsible alternative enables us to prohibit the use of insecticides and significantly reduces our energy consumption by eliminating the need for notoriously energy-hungry cold storage.

Panam has translated and published the two volumes of Carlos Crovetto Lamarca’s work, “The Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture”, which set out the principal techniques of no-till agriculture.

The author, Carlos Crovetto Lamarca (photo above), is one of South America’s leading specialists in direct seeding. As a farmer, he perfected this technique over a period of 40 years on his farm in Chequén (Chile), where he achieved spectacular results.

He has been the founding president of the Soil Conservation Society of Chile since 1977.
As the author of many technical articles, he has received numerous distinctions for his entire work, including the “Honor Award” and “Fellow Award” presented by the US Soil and Water Conservation Society.
He is a regular speaker at conferences on sustainable agriculture in both America and Spain.
These agronomic bestsellers have guided many farmers towards a system of production that is more nature-friendly.
You can obtain these works by downloading the book order form.

A recording of a lecture given by Mr Crovetto Lamarca on 5 December 2008 is shown below.

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