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Our RH OPTIMUM range: An innovation in gene combination!


RH and RH+ Oil-Rich Maize

The extra energy delivered enables livestock farmers to keep their herds in better health: quicker return to fertility, no acidosis, improved lactation persistency, and more.
Deliver a high concentration of energy resulting in gains of 1.9 kilos of milk per day and per dairy cow.
The profile of the fatty acids in the oil-rich (RH) maize improves the nutritional quality of the milk. (Reduction in saturated fatty acids and increase in unsaturated fatty acids), making it comparable to milk from grazed-grass forage

Dent maizes

Deliver reliable yields
Dent maizes are richer in rapidly digestible starch and contain less cellulose

Maizes rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants protect unsaturated fatty acids from oxidation and contribute to improved silo storage

The RH OPTIMUM range, up to €500/ha additional profits:

RH MAX early maturing: 50% dent + 50% RH+

RH MAXIMUS early maturing: 50% dent + 45% RH+ + 5% Anthocyanin

RH LUX medium-early maturing: 50% dent + 50% RH+

RH LUXOR medium-early maturing: 50% dent + 40% RH+ + 10% Anthocyanin

RH TOP medium-late maturing: 50% dent + 50% RH+

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