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Wide range of maize

Panam France breeds, registers and produces a wide range of maize for grain and forage production. A number of varieties currently in the registration process will be available shortly.

Our varieties are suitable for the vast majority of French and European soil and climate conditions, and have been chosen according to strict criteria for quality, yield and adaptability. Some are available as organic seeds.

We have the right variety, whatever your needs.

Contact our experts who will guide you in your choices. 

Product list

Precocity group Variety Main strength Link to datasheet
A – S0 Barcelos Very early maturing hybrid – available in conventional and organic
A – S0 Beltran Healthy, regular plant
A – S0 Kilian High DM yield
B – S0 Armingo High-reliability forage maize
B – S0 Floriano New, high-potential forage
B – S0 Ideal Solid value
B – S1 Amancio A healthy, robust hybrid
B – S1 Artiga For quality forage
B – S1 Bacares Good yields under all conditions
B – S1 Estivo Good looking and regular
B – S1 Fenelon A very good forage choice
B – S1 Madi A hybrid that has proved itself
B – S1 Maurens Vigour and volume
B – S1 Mexicana A monster crop for forage
B – S1 Orencio Hardy, high-performing early maturing mixed hybrid
B – S1 Teorem A good size and excellent stalk strength
B – S1 Texeira High-quality forage
B – S1 Xeraco Quality forage and stay green
C 1- S1 Alano Quality forage
C 1- S1 Delrio The go-anywhere hybrid that has proved itself
C 1- S1 Lomas Good balance between non-starch non-carbohydrate digestibility, and starch
C 1- S1 Luximo Great potential in all conditions
C 1- S2 Belido Productivity and quality
C 1- S2 Elzea A high-quality forage yield
C 1- S2 Marciano Very good regularity
C 1- S2 Monsera Exceptional yield – available in conventional and organic
C 1- S2 Olimpo Vigorous start and forage yield
C 1- S2 Verisimo Very good food value for this large-sized hybrid
C1 – S2 Ertal Excellent stalk strength and high volume
E2 Anadon A benchmark in grain production
E2 Eldora More quintals!
E2 Eltio Secure performance
E2 Kediro High grain potential
E2 Leonor Exceptional size for a premium yield
E2 Listo Excellent choice for grain
E2 Merced One of the best in its class
E2 Tuono Excellent behaviour under water stress


Contact details

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31340 Villemur sur Tarn, France


Monday to Friday 8.30am – 6.00pm


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