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Leading variety

Panam was the first European company to believe in the technical potential of black oats / diploid oats (avena strigosa schreb commonly named Brazilian oats). We have been establishing this species as an obvious choice in intercropping since 2006. Our leading LUXURIAL variety was bred in France to meet the needs of ever more demanding European agriculture.

Luxurial is available in pure form 
LUXURIAL product brief

or as a blend:

Luxurial / vetch in the Logisol mix
LOGISOL Product Brief

Luxurial / vetch / clover in the Rumisol mix
RUMISOL Product Brief

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Les Grèzes,
544 Route de Villebrumier,
31340 Villemur sur Tarn, France


Monday to Friday 8.30am – 6.00pm


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