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Our range of sunflowers

Panam has developed a range of linoleic and oleic sunflowers that meet the expectations of the most demanding producers. Our breeding programme incorporates the primary innovations in crop protection. A number of varieties currently in the registration process will be available shortly.

Product list

Oil quality Precocity group Variety Main strength Product brief
Linoleic Early maturing KENDO Excellent oil content and high yield for this early maturing hybrid  
Linoleic Medium-early maturing ARLETTE Fine IMI-tolerant hybrid  
Linoleic Medium-early maturing MAESTRO Good oil content and orobanche tolerance too  
Linoleic Medium-early maturing SYRCUSE Healthy, IMI-tolerant variety  
Linoleic Medium-early maturing MAJUNGA Healthy, IMI-tolerant plant with high potential  
Linoleic Medium-early to medium-late maturing GLASGOW Good oil production for this IMI-tolerant hybrid  
Linoleic Medium-late maturing VASILISA Very high yield potential for this IMI hybrid with excellent health  
Oleic Early to medium-early maturing OSLO High potential for oil yield with high oleic acid content  
Oleic Medium-early maturing LULEO Very productive plant with high oleic acid content  


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